I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who supports the Merrell Noden Track Club! The donors, especially, have allowed our club to flourish into the amazing team it is. The experience that this club has given me and all of my fellow athletes was remarkable and truly unforgettable. I feel so grateful to have been a part of this team at its beginning and I am excited to see the success of the team grow for many years to come. I have been told Track is an individual sport which has not been the case for this team. This year the club consisted of a great group of athletes who consistently celebrated togetherness. We all experienced the importance of having teammates by always expressing encouragement, determination, and teamwork throughout the season. My wish is that this club continues to have such a positive impact on even more runners as they continue Mr. Noden’s legacy. Although we never got to meet Mr. Noden, we wear his name with pride and truly appreciate running in his honor.

Julianna Schoenmaker

Julie holds the indoor and outdoor 800-meter records for MNTC and she qualified for the 2018 Junior Olympic National Championships in that event. She is Class of 2023 at Villanova.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a captain of the Merrell Noden Track Club. This club has allowed all of us to get a head start on the spring track season and will definitely lead the way for many more ELRO records to be set! However, this club would not have been a reality without the people who support us. I want to thank everyone on the team who was cheering loudly in their bright green windbreakers throughout the season – even at the coldest practices! I also want to thank the donors and everyone who follows on the MNTC website. I am proud to be a pioneer for the Merrell Noden Track Club and I hope his legacy lives on through us.

Max Levene

Max, a talented sprinter for MNTC, played rugby at Tufts and graduated in 2023. 

As a recent high school graduate and four-year member of MNTC since its founding, I will always feel incredibly grateful for this team. There are no words to encapsulate how truly unique, generous, and nourishing MNTC is. Running and competing year-round in meets (such as the Junior Olympics) is an amazing experience that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Yet more importantly, MNTC is driven by the most spectacular coach. I can not imagine anyone who cares more about the well-being and growth of their team: certainly not one who is willing to dedicate so much of their time to help you strive for your best.

Madeleine Yao

“Mad Fast” lived up to her nickname, running 67.38 for 400 meters at the Junior Olympics, No. 3 on MNTC’s All-Time list. She is a sophomore at Boston University. 

MNTC is an incredible team with an even more incredible coach! Coach Joe can turn absolutely anyone into a great runner with his carefully crafted workouts and supportive and warm demeanor. I have had incredible memories in my time as an MNTC member and have made life long friends. I cannot say enough good things about MNTC, Coach Joe, all of the members, and the club mission!

June Cook-Selman

June was a versatile mid-distance runner for MNTC and is now a sophomore at Hamilton.

Merrell Noden Track Club has made me into a stronger runner and a much stronger person!! The team fosters a uniquely supportive environment run by the one and only Coach Joe, without whom none of our successes would be possible. It is not often that one finds a team as adoring of their coach as MNTC. His support drives this team to greatness in every aspect of the word, and a lifelong love of running is found by all who join. Who are we?! MNTC!!!!

Lily Echeverria

Lily was an accomplished distance runner and ran an impressive triple – 800, 1500, 3000 – at the Junior Olympics, racking up a PR in each event. Lily is now a sophomore at Bowdoin.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to run in winter track. I truly believe it has made a big difference in the enthusiasm we have entering our spring season. Not only do we have the advantage of being in better shape than other teams at the start of this new season, but we come with more appreciation for what it means to run and be a part of a team. Track is not just an extracurricular, it’s a community. All team members have cheered each other on and helped others grow as runners and people, none of which would have been possible without our donors. Though I never met Merrell, I can say that we are bonded through his passion for running; his legacy lives on with the MNTC.

Amber Levis

Amber’s specialty was the 800-meter race and her PR of 2:46.31 ranks her 10th All-Time for MNTC. Amber is a junior at Harvard.

My four years running for MNTC made me stronger in every sense of the word. A track athlete has to be dedicated, resilient, and capable of overcoming a fear of failure. With Coach Joe’s excellent help, I feel that I’ve “graduated” MNTC with a skill set that’ll help me be a better runner and a better person. Most importantly, being a member of the team made me realize my capabilities as a leader, an empowering feeling I’ll take into every part of my future. Thank you, MNTC.

Stefanie Mitchell

A much-decorated runner, Stefanie is No. 1 All-Time MNTC in five individual events and ran the anchor leg on four club record-holding relay teams. She is a sophomore at Syracuse. 

This year has been an amazing year for the Merrell Noden Track Club and I want to thank the donors who made this team possible. This team provided a great opportunity for new runners to be introduced to track and gave experienced runners a chance to practice in a state-of-the-art facility.

My favorite memory came after the first sixty-meter dash of the season when all the MNTC competitors walked back to our seats together. I have never seen so many smiling faces and excitement for a race that only lasts six seconds! I’m proud to be a captain of this awesome team and I can’t wait for next year!

Slater Deane

Slater’s outdoor 200 meter dash time of 24.21 is No.2 on the MNTC All-Time list. He is a senior at Clemson.