Written by Coach Joe

January 29, 2023


JOJO and TENZINO head to the 55 Start Line

MNTC athletes report to the Starter.

TILTY basks in the afterglow of her new MNTC Record in the 1500.

(L to R) Binky, 2COs, Su-Bou, L-Ro, JoJo, KayTGee, Tenzino, A.C., Josh and Twodens awaiting the start of the 4×200 relays.

MNTC takes the team title in BOYS 17-18 division!

Video (12) Jumpin’ John and Twodens in the 55 meter dash.

Video_1 (6) Reese, Jayden, and Cooper set sail in the 55.

Video (13) L-Ro, KayTGee, and JDub in a “blended” 400.

Video (14) BOYS 4×200 Relay

Video_1 (7) All MNTC section of the GIRLS 4×200 Relay

MNTC athletes put on an impressive display of running and jumping in the airy Ocean Breeze facility on Staten Island, racking up 17 PRs, 16 All-Time Top Ten performances, 3 MNTC records, 3 Gold Medals, and 3 Silver Medals at the Youth Invitational Meet! Additionally, our 17-18 Boys won the team title in that age group, besting 15 other clubs in the process. New records were established by Jin “JDub” Watanabe who stopped the clock at 55.17 in the 400 Meter Dash, Leah “Tilty” Hayem who covered 1500 meters in 5:33.94, and our Boys 4×200 Meter Relay team – JDub, Jumpin’ John Manning, Jayden Haynes, Josh Moore – who copped the Gold Medal with a time of 1:38.76. Other highlights – Jumpin’ John and Reese Bienstock finished 1,2 in the 17-18 Long Jump. Our GIRLS 17-18 4×200 Relay – Amelia “A.C.” Camilleri, Kate “KayTGee” Donnelly, Lia “L-RO” Robertson, Coco “2COs” Sagoo-Jones – nabbed the Gold. Our GIRLS 15-16 4×200 Relay – Tenzin “Tenzino” Chime, Jessica “JoJo” Onwuka, Su-Yin “Su-Bou” Bouchot, Rachel “Binky” Fine took the Silver. Visit our INDOOR LISTS elsewhere on this site for a look at the SIXTEEN performances that moved into the All-Time Top Ten – BOYS 55 METER DASH, BOYS 400, BOYS 800, BOYS 4X200 METER RELAY, GIRLS 55 METER DASH, GIRLS 400, GIRLS 800, GIRLS 1500, GIRLS 4X200 METER RELAY.

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